I’m on nobody’s side but my own. And if that sounds selfish, it’s because it is.

From Everville by Clive Barker (via cartemancie)

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I never lied. I just didn’t tell you the whole truth.

—Jay Kristoff Stormdancer (via sempiternale)



"Aww…" How odd. It seemed that her teacher was no where to be found! And she had been wanting to ask for his advice on something, too… Coral tiers parted with the whisper of a sigh, as a pale cheek came to rest upon the palm of the girl’s hand. She supposed it would have to wait, then… Though it felt strangely… lonesome, without having the comfort of knowing another demon was somewhere within the vicinity. Perhaps she had been beginning to become homesick. 

"You’re in my chair."

When Ciel had sent Sebastian out to run whatever errands he couldn’t trust the other servants not to royally ruin, his expectations were that there would be no demons in the house whatever. Those expectations were not met.

When he’d opened the door to the study, the Earl had recognized her, to be sure— her hair is unmistakable. He’d seen her speaking with Sebastian before, anyway, and they’d had some minimal interaction, too, though he couldn’t — can’t — recall her name. Now she’s stolen the chair at his desk.

Whatever relation she is to Sebastian, it’s really not her place to take his chair.


Name a type of crime and my muse will admit if they’ve ever been a victim of it, witnessed it, or committed it.

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criticize my muse, see how they take it

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Sebastian Michaelis/photo*Mahiru

__-- beartxmer said: "Don' lie, Ciel. Ye took me chocolate didn' ye?"


"I own a confectionery company. Why would I need to take your chocolate?”

__-- Anonyme said: Why not fall in love?


I got shit to do

Hey! Can you guys reblog this if you are willing to roleplay some horror or darker themes?

OCs and AU versions are welcome. Any fandom, by the way.

__-- Anonyme said: n lik ur nosTRIL IN THE CHUTE OF THE LOOP DOOP


__-- Anonyme said: You're allergic to cake!

"No I’m not."

"Just try and stop me from eating it."

__-- Anonyme said: They said you can't have anymore sweets.

Who said?”

__-- Anonyme said: I got a cat!

"What do I care what you do?"

__-- Anonyme said: gon' punt u in da hunty jiggy janger