"Don’t tell your mother about this."

"Why shouldn’t I?"

↳ Vincent Phantomhive ep. 08

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"I’m accepting people to become part of my harem. If you are interested, inform me of your full name, your age, favorite sexual position and fantasy and tell me why I should take you in."



Nothing kills you like your mind.

—Unknown (via inxpressive)

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__-- rufescentreaper said: -inTENSE STARING-

"Don’t look at me."


So Close (feat. Arnór Dan) - Ólafur Arnalds (Broadchurch (Music From the Original Soundtrack))


i’m byesexual as in bye don’t touch me

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Ciel & Will



"A policeman, hm?" Ciel idly flips the plastic pages of the photobook, careful not to let the pictures slip out of their pockets. There’s not much in it, anyway, but it’s… Somewhat interesting. He turns the pages back again and gazes at the photograph for a few seconds longer, letting his focus linger on Will’s face. "You look like a child."

"I could say the same for you," he returns, voice with just the faintest hint of teasing. "I was in my twenties. I was…constantly pressed to prove myself among the more, seasoned, peers."

He pauses, thoughtful. “They…also, considered my looks to appear much too childlike.” And many other things. There was, and had been, plenty of slurs thrown his way.

"Something I imagine you might face, taking on your father’s company."

Either the joke flies over Ciel’s head or he’s neither amused nor offended enough by it to react; he idly leafs through the pages until he comes upon the last few, which have nothing in them, and then flips the photobook closed again.

"It’s my company now," he shrugs. "If anyone has anything to say about it, it isn’t my problem."

Sais-tu le mépris j’ai pour toi est une passion qui me dévore comme un cancer?

—Claudia, Entretien avec un vampire


remember that one time when Ciel and Sebastian spoke to each other in French so their conversation wouldn’t be overheard

remember that one time that I nearly died

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"What an utterly boring end" - Sebastian Michaelis || Chapter 94

… have entered the manor


   {❄} - “Then allow me to apologize for the disturbance I’ve caused you.” - {❄}


"No need. It’s just that we weren’t expecting anyone— so we had no time to prepare."

"Please excuse our inhospitality."

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