Playing 'Ib'

Will be playing Ib in a few minutes. Chat will be IC, but anybody is welcome.

__-- beartxmer said: "Don' lie, Ciel. Ye took me chocolate didn' ye?"


"I own a confectionery company. Why would I need to take your chocolate?”

__-- Anonyme said: Why not fall in love?


I got shit to do

Hey! Can you guys reblog this if you are willing to roleplay some horror or darker themes?

OCs and AU versions are welcome. Any fandom, by the way.

__-- Anonyme said: n lik ur nosTRIL IN THE CHUTE OF THE LOOP DOOP


__-- Anonyme said: You're allergic to cake!

"No I’m not."

"Just try and stop me from eating it."

__-- Anonyme said: They said you can't have anymore sweets.

Who said?”

__-- Anonyme said: I got a cat!

"What do I care what you do?"

__-- Anonyme said: gon' punt u in da hunty jiggy janger

__-- Anonyme said: ur a little brat

"I’m so offended. Please.”

__-- Anonyme said: [ Sebastian ] I took the liberty of redecorating the apartment in cat decor for the adopt-a-cat event we are holding in and around your bedroom tomorrow.

"We are having no such event!


"Take those ‘decorations’ down, tell every single bloody person you invited not to bother coming, and get rid of any cats you have hidden in the manor this instant!

__-- Anonyme said: [ Sebastian ] "Tell me the truth. Now. "

"About what, exactly? I am telling you the truth - it wasn’t me."

__-- Anonyme said: ur aunt made booby jingle jangle for a petty penny lol


You have an entire sentence to make my muse angry at you. Go.

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